What Basic Golf Etiquette Should You Follow? (Golf Lesson Experts Explain)

Golf lessons can be intimidating to anyone new to this sport. After all, from the outside, it is a somewhat exclusive game with many traditions.

Fortunately, following simple golf etiquette makes approaching the game much easier. Golf etiquette is designed to safeguard players and maintain the quality of the course and pace of play.

In this post, a professional golf trainer discusses basic etiquette to follow to make your next 18 holes even more enjoyable.

Common Golf Etiquette: Follow This Important Advice

Follow these common points of golf etiquette during golf lessons and while playing on the fairway.

Manage Your Temper

Missing the perfect shot doesn’t mean you can take your anger out on the course. For example, you must refrain from sulking, throwing your clubs, or making other players feel uneasy. Your best option is to pacify yourself slowly. For example, squeezing your ball as hard as you can is a good remedy.

Pick Up the Pace

Are you consistently lagging behind your group? This does not mean you have to rush but being alert and ready to play when it is your turn may help you save time on the course.

Prepare the Ground Before You Start Playing

Before you start playing, be sure to level the ground you want to play on. Use a tee or knife to remove pitch marks caused by balls hitting the turf. But don’t tear the grass. Be sure to level the area with your club or foot. Then, replace the divot by filling it with a seed mixture.

Also, when you hit your ball out of a sand trap, smooth the whole area with a bunker rake for the next golfer.

Don’t Be Late

Show up at your golf course at least 15 to 30 minutes before your tee time. Never leave your co-workers, friends, or colleagues waiting. It also gives you adequate time to prepare for your round. You need to spend time on the fairway, hit a few balls, and get to your first tee without rushing and stressing.

Remain Silent

Staying silent is one of the best ways to be respectful to your fellow golfers. This means not talking when other players are practicing their swings or taking shots. Feel free to converse with other golfers; just not if others are playing.

Drive the Golf Cart Without Destroying the Turf

Golf carts must be driven with care to prevent destroying the green. Avoid driving yours over wet turf. This is because when a golf course becomes moist and damp, the ground weakens to the point where it is susceptible to damage. As a result, a heavy golf cart may tear through moist turf easily.

Dress Properly

Golfers must dress properly. For example, men need to wear shirts that are properly tucked in, as well as shorts or trousers, shoes, and a cap. Women should wear knee-length skirts, pants, or shoes, as well as collared shirts.

Help Your Fellow Players

Golfers must be courteous and supportive where possible. For example, look for errant balls so they don’t get lost, or return lost clubs or dropped head covers to their owners where you can. If a provisional ball is left lying around, pick it up quickly to keep the fairway devoid of distractions.

Don’t Walk in Another Player’s Line

The fairway is soft, so any footprints you leave may interfere with a putt. So, whenever you mark the ball or putt, be considerate of other golfers’ balls or markers. You can do so by mapping out an approximate line where the ball will lead to the hole and avoid stepping on it by taking a big step around it.

Silence Your Phone

Even if your club allows it, it’s best not to use your mobile phone on the green. You can keep it on “silent” so as not to disturb other players. Emergency calls are fine, but end them as quickly as possible.

Following the proper etiquette is a vital part of both golf lessons and rounds of play, especially when you are playing with more experienced golfers. Indeed, it’s a key part of both amateur and professional golf. To learn more about golf lessons and programs, contact your local golf academy.