Top Ten Reasons – Why M.S Dhoni is Most Popular

M.S Dhoni, the greatest all round player in cricket & has ten reasons why he is the most favorite cricketer for youth. The reason for his popularity among the young generation is that he is not very popular among the seniors in the game.

The reasons

  1. M.S Dhoni is most favorite cricketer for youth is that he has a winning attitude, Young players always look up to their seniors and try to emulate them in their skills as a cricketer.
  2. on the other hand, does not let any senior player take an edge over him even during his entire career.
  3. Whether he is playing in the county, state or international, he will never allow any player to take an advantage over him.
  4. a very big occasion in cricket is he has made his debut in the world cup at the age of just 22 years and four months
  5. After his debut he has to play ten Tests and one Twenty20 international match making him the most complete cricketer in the world.

Best qualities

  • M.S Dhoni is not only fond of cricket, but he is also passionate about his profession as well.
  • He is very determined and has this zeal to succeed in whatever he does in his life.
  • The game of cricket is a game of hard work and dedication, and that is what makes a cricketer successful.
  • he has a style of playing the game that captivates all
  • A lot of research and analysis has been done on him and his methods as a cricketer.
  • It is one thing to make runs and control the match and win the confidence of fans.
  • A good player who plays consistently will definitely get the fans’ confidence going.
  • he has played more matches than most leading players around the world proved by statistics during the last ten years.

Fans always remember

  • favorite player scored a century or hit a century or took an exceptional catch or had an excellent performance.
  • Every cricket fan feels that their favorite player will perform at his best whenever he plays a match.
  • Fans always anticipate a great performance by their favorite player and they are definitely not disappointed when that happens.

When he is playing a match he is not into fancy shots and he plays simple shots. He does not try to make a match-winning score. All he tries to do is help his team win a match.