WWE Raw Highlights Today & How to watch the highlights

It’s the most anticipated day of the year when WWE Raw TV comes to you on Tuesday nights. I always get very enthuse up on this special occasion. It’s a chance for me to sit back and enjoy what is being presented on my television screen. Here are some of my top WWE Raw highlights had this week:

I’m a huge wrestling fan

I’m a huge wrestling fan, so when I saw WWE Raw highlights I was invested in the viewing experience. The show really made me think about how great professional wrestling actually is. It’s not only entertaining, but it’s also a very good physical workout as well. My favorite wrestler to watch is WWE champion John Cena.

Some real classic matches

I like the matches like the Royal Rumble, Summer Slam, Extreme Rules, and Backstage Brawl. They always leave an impact on me. I remember watching these matches at home with my family and we always had a blast. You always have a few WWE Newbie friends that have never been to a WWE show and they absolutely hate them when Raw comes on.

WWE Raw Highlights of  this week

We start off with Braun Strowman defeats Big Show at Money in the Bank match. He has had some injuries, but when he is healthy, Big Show is one of the best stars in the company. He and Braun Strowman always put on a fantastic match together and I highly recommend catching both of them if you can. I don’t know how often I get to see Braun and Show on Raw but it is definitely a thrill.

Next we head to Smackdown. The Smackdown roster has become pretty big over the years. It is filled with excellent talent such as Billy Gunn, Triple H, Randy Orton, Randy Couture, Batista, Triple-T, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Batista, Shawn Michaels, Triple-T, Randy Orton, Triple-T, and many others. So, as you can see the list goes on.

Tonight the WWE pay per view

Tonight we get to witness what could be a very interesting Money in the Bank ladder match. A lot of fans are wondering how Braun Strowman will fare against the likes of Triple-H, Triple-A, and Randy Orton. Tonight the WWE pay per view will air a few matches that have already been taped. Hopefully we will get to watch some matches tonight that we will be able to get to watch on television sometime in the near future.

My final thought for WWE Raw highlights would be for you to go online and start rating and reviewing each and every match that is taped. You can even take a look at the audio commentary as well. It’s an awesome way to see exactly what is going on within the building and out on the Pay per View. The next time you see WWE live, make sure to check out the Pay per view. See how it all comes together.

Missed any of the WWE Raw highlights

If you missed any of the WWE Raw highlights from last night, no worries. You can always catch all of them again in the pay per view later tonight. If you miss anything, especially the beginning part, I recommend that you watch the rest of the Raw immediately. It’s better to catch your breath and then move on with your day than sit through three hours of reruns. Trust me.

How to watch the highlights

If you are unsure about how to watch the highlights, go to the pay per view site and search for the WWE Raw highlights. You will be able to filter your search based on your preferences such as age or whatever. Once you have filtered your search, you will be shown the best five matches that you can choose from. These are the top five matches that you will want to see. Don’t forget to bookmark the site and come back tomorrow for the full highlights.