Across the whole world many sports are being played. Many of them are popular among the huge population and some of them could not get so much popularity. We are going to discuss on these games. 

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  1. Football – The most popular sports across the whole world is Football. It is assumed that it has more than half of world’s population as its fans. As per an estimation it has around 4 billion fans in the whole world. The popularity of this games is found in Europe and America more than other countries. In some countries it is also known as Soccer. In this game both teams have 11 players in each side. The governing body of football is FIFA that is Federation International de Football Association. FIFA organises the football world cup. 
  2. Cricket – Cricket is mostly played in England and commonwealth countries. It is formed in England in 16th century. After football it has a huge fan following in the sports world. The number of followers in the world is around 2.5 billion. In this sport 11 players are played in both sides. One team bat at one time and the other team fields on the same time. The team who plays first has to score runs and the fielding team has to chase in the second innings. Cricket is mostly played in Southern Asian countries such are India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and other etc. Cricket’s governing body is ICC i.e. international cricket council. This body organises world cup after 4 years regularly. 
  3. Hockey – Hockey also has a huge fan following in the world. This sport is mostly played in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. This sport has a following of 2 billion people. The founder of this game was England. It is first played in 1800s in England. This game also has 11 players like football and cricket. This game is similar to football because in this game players have to goal with the help of sticks rather than player’s feet. This game is the national game of some Asian countries like India, Pakistan. This game is also played in Olympics. 
  4. Tennis – Tennis’s fan following is of one billion in the world. This game was started in France first. After France it spread to whole the Europe and the whole world. This game is played by two teams. There are two types of team first one is of one player and the second one is of two players in each side. In this game the result is calculated on point bases. Pointes are counted if the opponents do not throw back. The international authority of Tennis is the governing authority of Tennis.
  5. Volleyball – This sport was firstly played in US by Willian G. Morgan in 1895. This has a fan following of 900 million. In early times it is played in northern America and western Europe. This sport has two teams and 6 players in each side. They have to throw the ball from one side to another side over a net. 
  6. Table Tennis – This sport was firstly played in England and it was invented as a miniature form of lawn tennis. Its global influence is of around 850 million fans. This game is also known as Ping-Pong. This sport includes two team of two to four players. In this game a ball, a table and the rackets are used. The players have to hit the ball to the other player to score points. This game is mostly played in China and Korean countries. 
  7. Basketball – The sport has a large fan follower. The number of fans is about 800 million. The sport was invented by James Naismith in Massachusetts, US.  It has been assumed that this game is created to an alternative to football. This is an indoor sport. In this game there are 5 players in each side. They have to force the ball to go through the hoop to score the points. The elevation of the basketball poll is 10 feet. The both team players try to put the ball in that hoop. 
  8. Baseball – This sport is highly populated in United States, Caribbean countries and in the Japan too. Its fan follower’s number is 500 million. There are two teams in this sport. They have to bat or ball at a time and have to earn points to win the match. In a team the number of players is 9. 
  9. Rugby – Rugby has its fan most in the United Kingdom and commonwealth. It has a large fan following of 475 million. The foundation is laid out in England and from there it was spread to Australia and New Zealand. This game is played by two teams with 15 players in each side. They have to take the ball across the line by passing, kicking, or carrying. 
  10. Golf – This game’s influence is on Eastern Asia, Western Europe and Northern America. The number of fans is about 450 million. This game was first played in Scotland and from there it was spread to whole the world. 

Conclusion- Here are above we describer about the top Ten Sports Game in the universe very liked and played by folks. They enjoyed these all games on like a festival when world cup and big tournament is arrived on every year in different different countries. 

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Gaming is the best part of our life and we all need to respect the all games and sports sprites. Hope you liked this article very much and please share to these article to your friends and all sports fan.