In this way, I get a lot of questions from people that are serious about shooting sports, but nobody can lead them and no one knows where and how to proceed. I am trying to produce a short Step by Step Guide through this article that (hopefully) can help people get started.

Before you begin, MEMORISE the rules of safety for firearms before you even hold your gun in your hand. You should think these things so well that they become an instinctual part of you! In ALL CIRCUMSTANCES I can not stress enough how important it is that you handle fire arms correctly and safely. Under no conditions of these rules would make you very unpopular in the ranges of shooting–the worse scenario would hurt / kill you or others! Firearms are NOT TOYS, and a serious injury may result in even low powered aircraft.

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What are the different events?

It is significant that not all shooting sports are possible in India. The NRAI is the leading shooting organization in India and it only carries out sporting events according to ISSF rules. The following is a list of events in India for which shooting facilities in India are available:


10M Rifle

10M Pistol


25M Rapid Fire Pistol

50M Free Pistol

25M Centre Fire Pistol

25M Standard Pistol


Clay Pigeon Trap

Clay Pigeon Double Trap

Clay Pigeon Skeet

.22 Rifle

50M Rifle 3 Position

50M Rifle Prone

Big Bore Rifle

300M Rifle 3 Position

300M Rifle Prone

300M Rifle Standard Rifle

Where to shoot?

NOT all sites have enough screening ranges to conduct all the tasks mentioned above. Shooting ranges for 10 meters (airgun), 25 meters (pistol) and 50.0 meters (.22 air rifle and free pistol) instances are most frequently found. While the MOST is the property and operation of security forces (military / paramilitary / police) in India, these are not necessarily publicly available.

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Shooting ranges which are publicly accessible are usually owned and operated by local firefighters / rifle clubs. These can be shooting associations / clubs of the state / district / tehsil etc. 

Therefore, at the beginning one would usually have to join the local fireworks / club. In the fireworks section of this website you can find a partial list of shooter clubs / associations in India.

At the DDA sports complex at the Shri fort in South Delhi some villages run a 10-meter lentil (airgun only). Some cities can also have alternative sights. This can be linked to the method of shooting, the upcoming tournaments, target guns for sale etc.

What event should I start with?

This is not a difficult and quick rule, but I almost always advise that a newcomer start his shooting with an airgun (air flare or air gun). There are some of reasons:

  1. Safety: Airguns allow you to use a gun and to create firearms safety rules with relatively low power. Nevertheless it is imperative that even these low-powered aircraft could cause serious injuries and here EACH AND EVERy rule of safe handling of firearms applies! I don’t kill people with firearms that don’t value guns, so I strongly suggest you don’t!
  2. No memory: Airguns have no recall and are thus best suited to train beginners to fire without forming bad habits like flinching.

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  1. Cost: While Olympic aircraft don’t make a difference, you can continue your learning with a good airgun at a much lower price than these pricey versions. Cost: After a certain degree of control has been achieved, a competition weapon can always be upgraded. So you don’t get stuck with an expensive investment in front if you use airguns as a pure step in learning. And when the decision later that you don’t have time, energy or resources to spend in shooting is a serious sport, you get relatively cheap. In this context, too, explosives are far cheaper to shoot than weapons-Indian manufactured pellets are fairly cheap, and even imported pellets retail for just a fraction of the price of imported firearms cartridges.
  2. Legalities: In India the possession of a firearm REQUIRES a valid arms licence. You remove this requirement as a barrier to your entry into the sport by starting with an airgun.

5. Facilities: For airguns, a firing range can be set up in a safe and inexpensive manner at home. Removal of the need to locate a sufficient range of fire near your domicile. However I would still recommend that you do a trip to the local shooting area at least on weekends, if you are serious about shooting-you’ll get advice and pointers from more experienced shooters, as mentioned earlier.