About Desiremovies

  • Desiremovies is an online site that offers different movies. This makes it one of the top websites. However, this website can’t be used because it contains pirated video. According to Indian law, this site is forbidden.
  • Desiremovies, an illegal website that allows the distribution of pirated movies worldwide, is called Desiremovies. It is used extensively by people who want to see movies in Bollywood, Hollywood, or other regional languages.
  • You can stream movies live, and not only can you download them. The movie download quality will be in an incomplete HD format. The best resolution is available in either 1080p, or 720p.

Proxy Domains for Desiremovies

Desire Movie is a popular website that works with some proxy domains.

Desiremovies Space

Desiremovies Space domain is one of most frequently used on the website. This domain site is also called Desiremovies Space. You can access all the most recent Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil and other films for free on this website. Online streaming allows you to watch movies and TV shows.

Desiremovies World

The Desiremovie.in site is similar to this one. However, Desiremovies.world has another proxy site. Access and download high-quality video content is free. It is extremely popular in India. This domain has more than 1 lakh active users. This can slow down the website.

Desiremovies Store

Desiremovies.store, one of the most recent proxy domains within Desiremovies. The website doesn’t have more than 500 pirated material. Only the most recent Bollywood, Hollywood, or regional movies can be downloaded from this site. The latest four releases are available to you so that you can share the film’s rules. But, there are some issues with this domain.

Is it legal to use Desiremovies?

This question can be used to inquire about how you can protect your computer from harm. We have already mentioned that this website contains pirated movies which are not legal. Because you are listed on the list of people who have violated the rules, this website is illegal. The government has banned this website. However, the developers have created proxy sites through which people can access the website.

If you are caught using websites that have been banned by the government, The government has the right and power to punish you. These websites can be dangerous so you should be careful.

Features of DesireMovies

  • You can easily handle the website. The interface is easy to understand, and there are no hard and fast rules to use this website.
  • If you are watching any TV serial, then you do not have to play the next episode. This website has automatic plays for you.
  • Buffering time is short, and you watch a movie without any disturbance of buffering even if the internet is slow.
  • One of the most attractive features of DesireMovies is the facility of live streaming. Users who do not wish to download movies can go for live streaming of movies here on this website.
  • Apart from movies, there are several other things that can be downloaded using this torrent website like trending videos, web series, tv serials, episodes, cartoon movies, animation movies, and cartoons, etc.

DesireMovies Best Legal Alternatives


Zee5 is a brand new website launched by Essel Group on August 2018. This website is popular among those who love watching movies and serials on tv. It is also used by users to stream movies or tv serials.


DesireMovies is the best alternative to Netflix. The use of Netflix is free and secure. This company offers subscription-based video services to all global consumers. Netflix currently has 148,000,000 paying subscribers from all over the globe, according to a survey.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video offers a solution to all user problems, including those who try to access illegal torrent websites. Amazon Prime videos are a great solution for anyone trying to download movies and other videos.