If you are just starting out, it is important to understand just what sort of bets you are making while playing Casino Kings slots. Though the minimum and maximum bets may seem simple for longtime players, newer players should make sure that they properly understand them before placing any kind of bet.

After all, you don’t want to play a game thinking that you placed a minimum bet when you just wagered the maximum stake. Below is everything which new players should know about minimum and maximum bets in slots. 

Minimum bets 

Minimum betting is wagering the smallest amount available on slot games, this can sometimes be as low as one pence. There are many advantages and disadvantages to betting this way, the first advantage is clear.

It is a relatively risk free way to enjoy your favourite slot games, if you minimum bet on a slot with a high RTP your bank roll will last an incredibly long time and you can enjoy slots for the longest amount of time possible.

Minimum betting is also the cheapest way that players can place a bet on a slot, it won’t eat into their bank account noticeably unlike maximum betting. While there are certainly advantages, there are also several drawbacks to minimum betting.

The first drawback is that placing a minimum bet means that players will only be eligible to win the smallest prizes that the slot has to offer. The number of paylines also reduces per spin when placing a minimum bet.

Another huge disadvantage it has is that some slots will put players at a disadvantage with a jackpot if they placed a minimum bet, this is because sometimes the player will not be able to play all the paylines required to win the jackpot thanks to the minimum bet. 

Maximum bets 

The maximum bet is when players place the maximum stake available on slot games, this amount will take a chunk out of your account so players who don’t have money to lose are recommended to not use maximum bets too often.

The benefits of using a maximum bet are clear, they provide players with the best possible chance to win a bigger amount. The bigger you bet, the bigger prizes you stand in line for winning. There is also the possibility that players can win a much bigger amount thanks to the maximum bet. Slots with progressive jackpots work much more in favour for the players who place bigger bets than those who place minimum bets. Of course there are a few disadvantages to placing maximum bets, playing higher stakes means you are likely to lose more money than players who place minimum bets just based on the amount that you bet. 

Final Thoughts – Which will Suit you? 

For players who have much less to spend, placing minimum bets will be much more useful to you. For players who are typically high rollers, the maximum bets will suit your playstyle better. No matter which you use to bet it is always important to be responsible with your money.