Libre Office Download 9Apps

In case you are into a lot of meetings and presentations, you surely need device to interact with the slides remotely. In order to remotely access your slides via your Android device, download Libre Office from 9Apps. It is a free to use presentation-toolkit app that lets you remotely control the slides and interact with it. You can use Libre Office to do a lot like – previewing the slides, taking speaker notes, using it as a pointing-device. Apart from that, Libre Office doubles up as your office app that lets you take notes, play presentations and more. You can do every office related work over here easily and without facing issues. Simply make notes here and they shall be saved automatically. There are plenty of formats in which you can save the documents. Furthermore, you can even share it with your friends and colleagues later on. Download Libre Office from 9Apps for free and easily manage your spreadsheets, presentations and documents.

Features of 9Apps Libre Office

  • Since it is a project of The Document Foundation, it is absolutely safe and free to use. It has a built-in support for ODF format apart from PDF and other general formats.
  • It also supports an array of mathematical and arithmetic functions like – writer, calc, draw and more. Because of this you can also perform a lot of operations over here as well.
  • Its remote control feature is certainly the best one so far. This feature is loved by plenty of people and especially those who do a lot of presentations. With wireless control you can point out to stuff, mark important things and more.
  • Don’t worry, you won’t find irrelevant ads over here. Libre Office is a clean app that doesn’t contain bloatwares, bugs or ads. It promises to keep your in-app experience clean.
  • It is free from micro-transactions as well that ensures you do not have to spend your money here. In fact, it runs well even without any registration of signing in process.

How to download Libre Office from 9Apps?

Here are the steps to download Libre Office.

  • Download 9Apps using the download link.
  • Install the APK by performing side-loading.
  • Once it gets installed, open it and search for Libre Office.
  • Download the app from the link.
  • Install it using side-loading and you are good to go.