In the 80s it was the only duel we really had. It was the only game we wanted. And although that has changed, we are still so involved in this rivalry that there are no others like this one, ”Barney Chilton, editor of the United Red News fan magazine, told the BBC in 2014.

United vs Liverpool, a match that has always been more than a match. A duel between two cities facing each other. The glamor of United against the fury of Liverpool. It has already rained too much since the England derby gained momentum in the 70s and 80s.

Even so, as decaffeinated as it is today with a ‘red’ frame that goes like a shot, a classic is always a classic. Liverpool maintained their unbeaten streak eventually beating their old foes 2-0 thanks to goals from Van dijk and Mo Salah’s late winner in 93 minute.