Five Reasons Why Dhoni Makes For a Great IPL Coach

A passionate cricket fanatic, Dhoni was a regular on the outfield for India as both a batsman and a wicketkeeper. He played two years of Tests and one year of ODIs for the West Indies in what was then the Twenty20 International tournament.


Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a former Indian all-round player who played two years of Tests and one year of ODIs for the West Indies in what was then the Twenty20 International tournament. In those matches he took 7 catches, including three not out, for his side, which beat Australia in the final. After retiring, Dhoni was appointed as the IPL chairman and is now the Cricket World Cup tournament secretary. He has also been a member of the Indian cricket select committee since 2021.


  • In the world of cricket, few have enjoyed the heights of Dhoni as the latter. He has always remained calm and had a great control over his emotions while representing India.
  • One of the reasons for his success in the IPL was because of his management skills. Dhoni had to manage a variety of issues, including crickets, sponsors, the team and fans. Sehwagandha managed to pacify all these issues. He is the right choice as IPL chairperson because he understands cricket and IPL cricket. Sehwagandha has also been a key member of the BCCI selection panel and is the right person to lead the BCCI in this direction.
  • The third reason why Dhoni makes for a good IPL crickets management person is because of his experience as an assistant coach. Earlier, he was an assistant coach with Mumbai Indians where he handled the batting, bowling and fielding duties.  The experience he gained is another important advantage for a cricket world cup coach.
  • The fourth reason is because he is genuinely interested in his job. Everyone needs to be genuine in what they are doing especially when it involves their profession and sport. There might be some people who will try to undermine the role of a cricket world cup coach. They will say things like you are doing all this for selfish gains. That is not true at all.
  • This is the fifth reason why Dhoni makes for a great IPL coach. He is one person who has the ability to connect with his players.  But Dhoni is different because he relates with his players on a personal level.


  • Being the IPL coach is not all that easy. There will be many challenges ahead of him. In fact, there are very few who have the capacity to do so much. But Dhoni has been a trainer too and he knows how to manage various aspects of a sportsperson career and the IPL is just the perfect platform for that.


Dhoni retired after the IPL in 2021, but he has since been involved in coaching the Indian cricket team. He is currently the batting coach for Sathya Oli and is also in charge of the side’s selection as well as that of the coach.