Volleyball is a widely played sport and popular among people around the world. Common people are unaware of the intense physical training that every player has to go through during their practice sessions. The coaches utilize several training devices and equipment to enhance their game skills, movements, and overall performance on the court. The volleyball fraternity also gives importance to acuspike trainer items that can prevent injuries and also render success on the court.

A good ball

Every volleyball is not the same. But it is the ball that is one of the most important training items in volleyball. A good ball can eliminate the pain caused while hitting over the volleyball net or between teammates. A leather ball is ideal when the practice session is indoors. Leather balls are not used outside as they become wet and get damaged easily. For outdoor practice sessions, a synthetic leather ball is suggested. Furthermore, a cloth ball can be used as well.

Ankle braces

A sprained ankle is one of the most common injuries related to volleyball. The players invest in high-quality ankle braces to avoid any such problem. Using ankle braces is proved to be beneficial and lowers injuries by almost 40%. Several volleyball coaches make the players compulsorily wear them during training sessions and tournaments. Braces are known to offer immense stability without negatively impacting the agility of the players. Lace-up braces are recommended as they protect all sides of the ankles. Furthermore, they are helpful especially, when the player is frequently coming in touch with under-the-net.

Knee pads

Knee pads are a popular volleyball acuspike trainer used by players to avoid injuries. The knee pads are available as per the age and experience of the player. If the player is a young athlete without much experience, he/she must use thicker pads and might be more prone to injuries while jumping or diving. Experienced players have more knowledge about the gameplay. Therefore, choosing thinner knee pads is perfect. Knee pads during practice sessions and even during the main tournaments help to prevent burns and bruising.

Right footwear

Wearing the right footwear is an important aspect that is never ignored by volleyball players. Volleyball shoes are distinct with a gum rubber sole for offering maximum traction. Such special shoes are designed to safeguard against injuring the foot during side movements. There is thick padding at the front of the footwear so that the players don’t experience pain and discomfort from continuous jumping. The best footwear is a leather material with a low heel, thereby offering foot support and preventing sprains.

Serving machine

With the advent of modern technology, practicing volleyball has become more efficient and productive. Coaches around the world recommend using an acuspike trainer, as a serving machine. When better and advanced volleyball training machines are used the training is better. Serving is a vital movement in volleyball, and the players need to improve their skills. Training via the serving machine can be beneficial making the player more confident and efficient on the court.

Right clothing

Clothing is yet another aspect that plays a big role in volleyball training. It is one of the key training items that can impact the performance of players. Spandex is the preferred material for shorts and without any pockets. Pockets on the shorts can be distracting as players might get their fingers in them during the practice and lose their focus.

Furthermore, a long, light fabric T-shirt is recommended because comfort for players is a priority. When the practice session is indoors, a thermal under the T-shirt can be helpful. Short sleeve T-shirts are preferred for volleyball practice sessions and tournaments.

Duffle bag

Apart from having the right volleyball gear, training equipment, and clothing, it is important to keep things organized and easy to access. This is catered by a volleyball duffle bag. The majority of the players favor using backpack-style bags as the weight gets distributed on both the shoulders. A bag with several compartments and pockets is helpful to segregate space with practice gears and clothing.


The presence of acuspike trainer goods is helpful for volleyball players to make their training sessions productive and more efficient. The above-mentioned are some of the simple, yet important volleyball training/sports goods that must be utilized by players.