It’s that time of the year again when cricket fans worldwide turn their eyes to the Indian Premier League. The IPL gained international importance in 2007, and it has only expanded since. It’s by far the domestic competition with the highest quality of playing and the biggest Twenty20 competition. In this article, we’ll talk about current odds for each team, important news, and also a bit of futurology.

Understanding the Format

The IPL adopts the Twenty20 modality, also called T20. It means that matches don’t last days like in the two other formats recognized by the International Cricket Council. Instead, each team has a single inning of 20 overs maximum. T20 makes the cricket match much shorter: approximately three hours per match.  

This very dynamic format was first introduced in England in 2003, and it’s perfect for betting. Standard options include match results, team scores, and rankings. So, it’s time to pull up our best statistics to make our guesses about the teams’ fates. 

The Indian Premier League is the most-watched competition of this sport, which is also popular in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.  

Reading the Odds

Knowing how to read the 2021 IPL Betting – Latest Betting Odds is essential for conscious and effective betting. There are mainly three ways of writing betting odds: the American, the British, and the European. 

Fractional odds have numbers separated by a slash, like 5/1, when it reads “five to one”. The European style uses decimals, and the American uses the ‘Moneyline’ method. This system, also known as ‘US odds’, puts minuses and pluses next to teams’ names, indicating the amount required to win $100. 

Still using this example, it means you can win five times your original bet. Alternatively, consider two teams: Team A and Team B. If Team A has odds of 5/1, it means that Team B is five times more likely to win the match. 

What’s Next

Now that you know how to read odds, let’s get some facts together and see what outcomes they point to. Who’s still playing in the next stage of the competition? Who’s injured, and who’s dropped out? In this section, you’ll find all about the odds and expectations on the eight teams that delight cricket fans around the globe. 

#1 – Chennai Super Kings (CSK)

The ‘Yellow Brigade’ currently leads the ranking and is having an excellent season. The team seems to be shaking off the terrible performance last year, and it’s tied with Delhi Capitals and four points ahead of the 3rd place. Still, this part of the competition can be troublesome. Last year, the team’s batsmen resented the slow and low tracks in the UAE. 

#2 – Delhi Capitals (DC)

The Delhi Capitals are having a smashing season. It’s a star-studded team, with world-class players in every position. It has won six out of eight disputed matches. It travels to the UAE without losses, and it’s undoubtedly among the favourites to finish the competition on top. It currently shares the top with CSK, both with 16 points. The team is a serious contender to the title this season.

#3 – Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)

The ‘Men in Red’ are having a killing year and have won five out of seven matches so far. The move to the UAE doesn’t mean much to RCB, which had a tremendous overall performance there last year. The team has several strong names, like Virat Kohli, Devdutt Padikkal, Kylie Jamieson, etc. Indeed, RCB is a strong candidate for the title, or at least, to finish in a top position. 

#4 – Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)

Kolkata Knight Riders are having a so-so year. The team is at a draw with the Punjab Kings, Rajasthan Royals, and Mumbai Indians, all with eight points. The situation is likely to worsen since one of their main talents, Pat Cummins, isn’t going to the UAE. With a poor performance so far, the Playoffs seem distant, even if they perform better from now on. 

#5 – Punjab Kings (PBKS)

After losing five out of eight matches, PBKS isn’t having an enviable season. Currently, in 5th, the team will likely be able to maintain its position until the end. The team isn’t suffering any significant losses with the shift to the UAE. However, they can’t count on Dawid Malan, Riley Meredith and Jhye Richardson anymore. 

#6 – Rajasthan Royals (RR)

The odds aren’t favourable to the Rajasthan Royals. It finished the last season at the bottom of the ranking and seems to be heading in the same direction this year. The Men in Pink currently hold the 6th position but travel to the UAE without many English players, like Jos Buttler. The team has already signed replacements for Jofra Archer and Ben Stokes. 

#7 – Mumbai Indians (MI)

The ‘Men in Blue’ aren’t having a year as great as the last one. If they were crushing their opponents last year, they’ve had a few disappointing performances this season. The team is still powerful, with names like Hardik Pandya, Suryakumar Yadav, and others. 

Like most of its opponents, the Mumbai side won’t miss critical players for the UAE season. Currently, with eight points, the Men in Blue aren’t far away from the 3rd position. 

#8 – Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH)

In the last position and six points behind 7th place, SRH is facing a rough season. The ‘Orange Army’ isn’t looking very threatening after losing six out of seven matches disputed so far. It’s a sharp contrast with last year’s performance when they finished up in 3rd. If they post more wins in this part of the season, they can perhaps improve their situation for 7th place. 


One of the best things about the Twenty20 format is that everything can change at every match. Because it’s a shorter game, it’s much easier to follow. Besides, this format also offers fascinating betting options.

To make the most of your bets and predictions, it’s recommended to always stay on track with what happened and even what didn’t happen in each over and match. Keeping a close eye and considering what top tipsters have to offer will also give you a better perspective fro the excitement of the IPL.

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