Phoenix Browser Download 9Apps

In case you’re looking for a web browser that is secure, feature-laden and fast, Phoenix Browser is here for you. It is an amazing web browser that saves intern data during browsing. We know how vulnerable online browsing can become, but with Phoenix Browser, you need not worry about that. It has a secured socket layer embedded that makes the inside channel highly safe. You even get features like – video downloader, offline saver, private browsing and more over here. It is way better than Chrome, Firefox and Opera as well. Download Phoenix Browser for your Android devices for free from 9Apps.

You even get access to ad-block and quick download that are really useful features. It protects your privacy and it even provides you with privacy enhancing features. There is one-tap incognito feature over here that can be deactivated with just a tap. You can use the internet safely without any hassles with this app. It is really fast and free from bloatwares as well. It is also free from hidden micro-transactions that are really annoying. You should definitely download Phoenix Browser from 9Apps today to experience seamless web-browsing.

Features of 9Apps Phoenix Browser

  • It automatically detects online videos and prompts you if it is downloadable. This way – you can download online videos from almost every website for free.
  • The privacy mode on this browser is highly safe. You get incognito mode that doesn’t record history or cookies.
  • The data-saver mode ensures that the browser consumes very less internet data during browsing. If a normal browser uses 1 MB of data to load a website, this app uses 200 Kbps.
  • It supports every popular search engine and it can be easily integrated.
  • The ad-block feature blocks out irrelevant ads from the browser. Furthermore, websites that may contain misleading/scam content are automatically blocked.
  • There is also a dedicated night mode and reading mode in this browser. This is useful for those people who read a lot of content at night.

How to download Phoenix Browser from 9Apps?

You first have to download 9Apps using the link that is provided. Once you have downloaded it, install it and open it. In the search bar – search for Phoenix Browser in the search icon. Once you find it – download and install it.