Why is cricket so popular in India?

Cricket is such a popular sport in India that many of our youngsters dream of playing cricket even if they are not playing hockey.


  1. Cricket world cup which is scheduled to be held in India in February next year will be so popular that many people who are not even cricket fans will watch the game and cheer for their favorite team.
  2. Cricket world cup is the only tournament that is looked upon by youngsters as their dream career. So when this tournament is played in India every cricket fan will watch the game with tremendous enthusiasm and this in turn will increase the number of people watching hockey also.

There are many more reasons why this game is so much more popular in India than in any other country

The most obvious reason is that it is a live game which can be played at any time of the day and in any weather condition. Not only this, cricket is also played between countries which are very far away from each other. In other words, whenever a live game is being played anywhere in the world at any point of time, the entire world gets involved with that. This way cricket is not just a game that can be played by anyone; it is something that can only be played between two nations or between two teams if it is played internationally.

Cricket is so much more popular in India than in any other country

There are many players who have become international players who have made their home cricketing career in this country. You will find greats like Sachin Tendulkar, Mahendra Singh, Sourav Ganguly and many more who have made their careers playing for the Indian team. There are many other names as well. Thus the game has become all the more popular in India than any other place in the world.

Cricket is so much more popular in India than that of hockey

The main reason is the air is much thinner on the ground in the southern part of India where hockey is mostly played than in the northern part of the country.

Cricket and hockey are more popular in India than in other countries

The people here are extremely passionate about both the games. This is evident from the fact that more people become passionate after they started playing. Thus it can be said that cricket and hockey are two most popular sports in the country. There is hardly any place in the country where these two games are not played.

One of the most important reasons behind the popularity of cricket and hockey

The playing conditions are generally good. This is because most of the times the pitches are well maintained and the playing conditions are not too bad. However it should be mentioned that sometimes the playing conditions in certain parts of the country can be pretty bad. But this is not generally the case everywhere in the country.

But finally the final reason for cricket and hockey being popular in India is that the demand for them is always high, especially during the peak seasons. So this leads to a huge demand for cricket and a huge interest in the game.