That if Julio Furch raises his hand, or that Rogelio Funes Mori wants to lend his goals to the service of Mexico or that Emanuel Aguilera can now naturalize …

Reports of foreign players who could serve in the Mexican National Team will always be controversial, although the truth is that the ‘Aztec’ team long ago forgot to ‘reinforce’ itself with players not born in their national territory. Perhaps because of a theme of patriotism, because of the sufficiency of talent, or simply because the naturalized have not given up.

Who are the last foreign players to join the Mexican National Team?

  • Antonio Naelson ‘Sinha’, whose last call was for the repechage to Brazil 2014.
  • Matías Vuoso, who was cited with the ‘B’ team for the 2015 Copa América.

Miguel Herrera chose the Brazilian by birth (World Cup with Ricardo La Volpe in Germany 2006) in 2013 although he did not call him again later. While, in 2015, given the urgency of putting together two completely different teams, the same ‘Piojo’ summoned ‘Toro’ Vuoso, the author of a double against Chile on June 16, 2015.

Yes, five years are to come since the last time Mexico cited a ‘naturalized’.

So why so much insistence on the subject? The truth is that the doors are not closed and having Gerardo Martino (Argentine) at the helm and high-quality ‘pamperos’ players in Liga MX , many may think that ‘Tata’ will consider a new wave of Mexican national teams by adoption, although so far he has not shown any real interest.

Should Mexico open its landscape with naturalized citizens again despite the experiences?