One of the most staggering things about the modern 21st century gambling industry, especially in the realm of online casino, is the sheer number of companies who have sprung up, catering for anything from online slots to live casino – try slots games like Starburst and Chilli Heat today. Sure, the 20th century gambling industry had a load of different companies operating too, however the emergence of online casino has changed everything, and it has never been easier to start your own online casino platform or game developer company. 

Evolution Gaming is one of the largest online gambling companies in the whole world, however surprisingly you don’t often see their name mentioned in the online slots conversation. It is strange, and it makes you wonder, does Evolution Gaming even develop slots? It’s a question we’re committed to get to the bottom of, keep reading for an exploration into whether Evolution Gaming develop slots. 

Who are Evolution Gaming? 

First and foremost, before we get into whether or not Evolution Gaming actually develop slots, it’s useful to get a general idea of who they are. Evolution Gaming were founded back in 2006, however unlike most other online casino companies at the time, this European business was determined to enter the live dealer online casino market, spotting an opportunity to become market leader. 

Fast-forward a decade and a half and Evolution Gaming have made their vision a reality, becoming easily the most successful live casino provider in the world. They have dedicated studios in places like Latvia and Malta, recently opening the largest live casino studios in the world.  

A catalogue of Evolution Gaming games 

One of the main reasons behind Evolution Gaming’s incredible success over the years is that they haven’t taken their foot off the gas when it comes to constantly creating new live casino ideas. It is for this reason that they have been able to keep up with the constantly evolving slots industry, creating quality live casino games like some of the following ones:

  •         Monopoly Live
  •         Deal or No Deal Live
  •         Dream Catcher
  •         Live Super Sic Bo
  •         Double Ball Roulette

Does Evolution Gaming develop slots? 

Evolution Gaming hold a very prestigious position in today’s online casino world, however if you are an avid online slot fan you probably won’t have really heard of them. The reason for this is that Evolution Gaming don’t actually develop any of their own slots, preferring to focus on the much less contested live casino scene. 

It is a shame of course, because a company of this magnitude could probably design some absolutely outrageous slot games, but whatever will be, will be. And anyway, as you are about to find out, Evolution Gaming might have some quality slots under their wing in the near future… 

Evolution Gaming’s recent acquisition of NetEnt 

In an incredible business swoop Evolution Gaming acquired the Swedish online slot powerhouse NetEnt in a multi-billion euro deal late last year, ensuring that they will at least be involved with the slots industry going forwards