Bearings are tiny, but don’t underestimate them! Without bearings, your skateboard won’t be able to slide, roll, flip, or turn. They’re one of the most important parts of a skateboard. The speed and smoothness of your skateboarding depend on the kind of Shralpin skateboard bearings you choose.

Most bearings are 8mm x 7mm x 22mm in diameter, and come in different materials and ABEC ratings. The higher the quality of your bearings, the easier you can turn, flip, and glide.

Here’s what you should consider when choosing skateboard bearings:

Select a Shralpin Skateboard Bearing Material


Steel is the industry-standard material used in most skateboards since they’re durable and economical. The downside to steel Shralpin skateboard bearings is that they are prone to rust, which means they require frequent maintenance and lubrication.


Ceramic bearings are heat-resistant and rust-resistant, making them perfect for skaters who like performing tricks in the rain. However, ceramic bearings are more brittle than steel and titanium, which means they can’t handle high-impact skating.


Titanium is the most durable and lightweight material used in bearings. Just like steel bearings, they offer smooth rolling but last longer than ceramic bearings. Although rare and expensive, titanium bearings are extremely strong and rust-resistant. 

Select an ABEC Tolerance Rating


ABEC 1 bearings are made with low-quality steel. These are commonly found in cheap skateboards and are ideal for first-time skateboarders. If you want to perform advanced tricks that require speed, ABEC 1 bearings aren’t the best choice.


These are found on affordable skateboards used by recreational skaters. They’re slightly better and more durable than ABEC 1 bearings but still don’t offer smooth rolling. Each bearing costs around $10.


ABEC 5 bearings are a nice upgrade from ABEC 3 bearings because the difference really is noticeable. You’ll be able to roll and spin faster, allowing you to perform more advanced longboard tricks. 


Pro skaters prefer ABEC 7 Shralpin skateboard bearings because they’re extremely smooth and allow you to skate much faster. These high-quality bearings require more skill to operate, so you might fall off your board a few times before getting the hang of it.


These are the smoothest bearings available — you’ll feel as if you’re gliding across the pavement. ABEC 9 bearings allow you to skate extremely fast, making them ideal for downhill skateboarding where speed is essential. They are the preferred rating of professional skaters.

Whether you’re learning to skateboard or you’re on your way to becoming a pro, using the right skateboard bearings can help you perform all of the tricks safely and smoothly.