Horse racing is a sport & Best Horse Racing Clubs in India

Horse racing are rich tradition and culture attached to horse sports in the country. The best horse racing clubs in India have their own rich history and traditions. These associations are formed to promote horse sports and to organize local competitions and events.

Racing is a sport?

Racing is an expensive way to gamble and not only is it a risky but as live animals are unpredictable and death and destruction on the track is becoming legendary.

Low money to participate in racing

Club “Mystery” is one such horse racing clubs in India that has been around for many years. The club started out back in 1880.  Over time, the club has expanded to become a well-organized international club.

Popular horse racing clubs

The “Trident”, the “North Western Association of horseracing”  is another popular horse racing clubs in India. The club organizes state level and International horse racing competitions and also offers facilities such as a professional turf course, a swimming pool, and health center. The club also has a wide variety of refreshments and dining options for its members.

Maharajas” and the “andalwa racing clubs

The “Caleduta Club of India”, the “Palace Riders”, the “Maharajas” and the “andalwa” are other prominent horse racing clubs in India.

The club has also developed its own policies and is now looking to develop its own brand.

Royal Western Turf Club of India

The “Indian Royal Western Club”, the “Thurston ponies” and the “Maharajas” are some other prominent names in the horse-racing scene in India. The Royal Western Turf Club is an associate member of the IGRP. The IGRP defines racing as a sport that promotes social and economic wellbeing. The association between horse racing and royalty has been prevalent since ancient times and the association between horse racing and royalty is present even today.

By Royal Family of Pune

The “Bidri Polo Club” and the “Maharajas” are two other prominent names in the field. The “Maharajas” or the Royal Family of Pune is one of the three franchises that form the “Maharajas de Coromandel”. The “Bidri Polo Club” forms the core of the “BCJPF”. The “BCJPF” was one of the founding members of the “IGRP”. Today the “BCJPF” is one of the leading race clubs in India.

Importance of clubs

  • Not only do they organize tournaments, they also set the standards by which the participants should strive to match.

If you are looking to join one of these clubs,

You may want to do some research into the clubs to see which clubs offer the best training facilities. You will want to know that the club you join will offer you everything you need to get started in horse racing. The best part about finding a club near your home town is that the actual commute to the club’s clubhouse is much less than what it would be if you were to travel to another town.

The people who own and run these organizations know horse riding as a business and they also understand that it takes a lot of organization, upkeep, and professionalism in order to properly care for and race horses.